Going to the Gym for Beginners

Going to the gym may be intimidating for first timers. Going to the gym for the first few times can be like going to school on the first day when you were younger. There's going to be that girl whose thinner, there's always going to be that guy whose stronger but don't let that get to you. In fact, a good exercise to put into practice is using that as inspiration. Don't see them as competition. Walking through that door the first time you'll instantly compare yourself to them. Be inspired! Your journey is your own! One day you will get to where you want to be. Look around, you'll notice that there are also people there who have a painful look on like they'd rather step on a mile of legos than be there! Everyone has a goal and so do you. If you're nervous and you're not sure where to start and you're completely lost then Here's some tips on how to handle going to the gym for the first time:

• Ask for a tour. -It's perfectly okay to ask an employee for a tour of the gym, its their job! This way you'll get a feel for the gym and know where the machines are for what workout. And plan accordingly.

• Check out their flyers. - Many gyms offer free group trainings or special events that will break the ice for you. It may also be included in your membership.

• Ask for demos. - You may know the basics like the treadmill. However, you may not know all of the machines that you could use that may be beneficial to you. Don't be afraid to ask the employees for a demonstration.

• Ask for their schedule. - Asking for their schedule to know what are their most busiest times will help you know when is the best down time for one of your first trips to the gym. However, this is only temporary you get your feet wet in the gym.

Don't forget that everyone is on a journey and every journey has a start. Be proud of yours!

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