Why is Diet Soda is Bad for you

Many people today are choosing diet soda over a regular soda can or bottle because they want to enjoy the same taste of soda without all the calories and added sugars. The problem with that is, many health conditions such as dementia, diabetes, a fatty liver, strokes and heart disease are being linked to diet sodas. In essence, a diet soda is a soda that is made with less or no sugar. It is believed by the general public to be healthier than that of a regular soda. Even the manufacturers claim its health rank. So why is it connected to all of these health problems?

Let's take a look at the ingredients. Although each company as their own formula or way of doing it, the basics ingredients are these: caffeine, acids, preservatives (a commonly used one is potassium benzoate), artificial flavors, carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, and colors. Diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like cyclamate, sucralose (like Splenda), saccharin, aspartame, or acesulfame-k instead of sugar. Scientists have suggested that diet soda may increase appetite by stimulating hunger hormones, it triggers a neurotransmitter such as dopamine responses in the brain and alters the sweet tase receptor. In essence, you get a taste for what's sweet and it's not enough. You'll end up craving something sweet to feel the void.

What's ironic is that diet soda was introduced to the public in the 1950s for people who suffered from diabetes. Not long after that, it was marketed to anyone who wanted to lose weight or minimize their calorie intake. Now, everyone who wanted to lose weight thought that diet coke was a healthier and safer choice in their weight loss journey. Although these drinks has few to no calories, diet soda is not nutritious nor healthier. There is no nutritious volume to it. A review of four different studies that included 227,254 people found that for each serving of an artificially sweetened beverage per day, there is a 9% increased risk of getting high blood pressure.

Links to health issues aside effects on weight loss are conflicting. There are studies that "claim" that they have found that replacing sugary/sweetened drinks with diet soda can "really" result in weight loss. With all the studies, research and experiments, the best way of being 100% sure of losing weight is to switch to water! Don't second guess yourself and be conflicted and confused. Be confident and certain on your decision. Your weight loss journey should not end up with health issues or uncertainty!

Develop the habit of choosing water over any type of soda and with just this one step you'll see a drastic change!


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